Michigan Renewable Energy Development

Korsail is leasing land and building renewable energy projects across Michigan due to the variety of attractive programs allowing us to sell low-cost renewable energy to local communities and utilities. A few are highlighted below.

Community Solar Opportunities

Michigan is leading the Central U.S. in the adoption of forward-thinking solar legislation. Michigan’s House Bills 4317 & 4318, signed into law in 2023, clear the way for more solar energy development in Michigan. Michigan is likely to become one of the country’s next community solar states, bringing with it a wave of investment in renewable energy. Community Solar projects do not require large tracts of land, particularly in Michigan, with a typical project being 20-40 acres.

Utility Power Purchase Agreements

Michigan’s largest utility provider, Consumers Energy Company, has committed to the retirement of 2,400MW (megawatts) of coal energy and the integration of several gigawatts of renewable energy. This commitment provides an excellent opportunity for solar power and energy storage paired with solar to replace retiring generation and strengthen the local grid.

Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act

Renewable energy projects in Michigan can be brought online quickly, with energy rates predetermined and the process for selling the power already in place though Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (“PURPA”). PURPA laws give us the ability to connect and sell power to utilities at the same cost they currently pay to generate it. PURPA rates are strong in Michigan and can support solar projects as small as 30 acres or as large as 500 acres.

Own Land in Michigan?

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Types of Projects We Develop

Korsail develops a wide range of projects uniquely suited to each utility and piece of land. A few examples are below.


Korsail brings reliable, low-cost solar energy to rural communities across Michigan. Solar is a continuously developing, but commercially tested technology that can help reduce the utility’s monopoly on power generation and their reliance on Brown Fuel generators such as coal.


Korsail develops large-scale battery storge projects that enable us to offer readily available, consistent energy when and where it is most needed. As power demands and generation fluctuate throughout the day in Michigan, storage projects can fill the gaps in generation and keep the lights on. Korsail is at the forefront of the country’s transition to large-scale battery storage.


Korsail also develops Hybrid Solar + Storage projects. We always focus on developing projects which best serve our customers and the local community. Hybrid projects allow for more consistent delivery of energy and are better for the health and stability of the local grid.