Strengthening Community Foundations


At Korsail Energy, we pride ourselves on empowering communities through meticulously planned solar energy developments. Our utility and community scale solar farms are crafted with the specific needs of local areas in mind, aiming to provide significant economic and social benefits that resonate with community values.

The Korsail Difference

Korsail Energy is a tight-knit organization with employees that are deeply knowledgeable about each individual project we develop. Our in-house project management team streamlines communication during the permitting process, offering the collaborative and responsive attitude necessary to successfully design and develop projects.

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Our solar farms stand as a monumental investment in the financial health of local economies. Through property taxes and lease agreements with landowners, we inject a stable and substantial revenue stream into the community. This capital can then be allocated to vital community services such as schools, roads, and public safety. Moreover, we prioritize the hiring of local laborers for project construction, offering community members a gateway to acquire valuable industry knowledge and skills.

Our team works to actively immerse ourselves in the communities we work in, organizing public forums to address concerns and incorporate constructive feedback from community members and organizations into our operational plans. We strive to be good neighbors, and actively engage in community development initiatives that elevate the quality of life for surrounding residents.

Commitment to Success

Korsail Energy is dedicated to being a valuable contributor to the communities we service, offering more than just renewable energy solutions. We invite you to dive deeper into our projects and learn about the positive ripple effect they have had on communities across the Country.

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