Solar that helps you and your community

“Our priority is putting the communities we work in first. We build relationships with people in the communities we work in. For us, it’s about creating solar solutions that are community-based and reflect their needs.”

– Don Buchholz, Vice President of development

Why consider solar?

Benefits of Solar

As the government and utilities across the county continue to ramp up investments in renewable energy, solar is more in demand than ever. Hosting a solar farm will allow your family to take advantage of historically high lease and sale rates and replace the constant uncertainty of ag markets with a reliable stream of income or lump sum, payment. With no noise or light pollution and no onsite staff, these plants are minimally invasive and offer massive benefits to your family, the surrounding community, and our world.

  • Sell or lease your land at attractive market rates
  • Our team of development professionals handles all of the work and investment risk while you reap the benefits
  • Keep all or part of your land in the family and generate cheap clean energy to power your community

Why work with Korsail?

Community Focused

We listen to your need and will work with you to ensure you’re getting the highest and best use for all of your property, even the land we don’t use

End to End Development

Korsail’s team of experienced development professionals understand the value of your land and what it means to be good stewards

Mission Driven

We’re a Community focused development company with a stellar track record for permitting success


Solar Options for Land Owners

Land Leases

Solar as a guaranteed source of passive income can ensure your property stays in the family for the next generation and beyond. Korsail typically leases properties for 25 – 45 years and maintains 100% of the lease area paying all property taxes for the duration of the lease. If the plant is no longer in service at the end of the lease, we will execute a pre-determined decommissioning plan to ensure the land is returned to your family better than the way we found it.

Land Sales

Looking to relocate or redistribute your assets? Korsail can also purchase all or part of your property at generous market rates.

By working with Korsail you can ensure you are getting the best immediate return on your land sale while knowing you will be part of a future of carbon-free energy.

Keep the land you want and ensure a strong return on the rest

Take advantage of the Solar Boom and Korsail’s generous market rates

Feel good as your property generates affordable clean energy for your community


Looking For Solar Solutions?

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